Feature Artist: David Lake

Artist David Lake stands next to one of his paintings which is of a rural farm house in a sunlit paddock.

Introducing our FIRST EVER Platform Arts Hub Feature Artist of the Month…..DAVID LAKE! We are so excited to announce that in conjunction with our current ‘At the Station’ art exhibition, we are also showcasing an amazing collection of David Lakes artworks at the gallery, which will be on show until the 9th of June.

David Lake was born in Sydney in 1966 and is an oil painter of the Australian Landscape. He is a self taught artist who has been influenced by painters from both the present time and those from the past and continues with his desire to depict his chosen subject in a representational style.
David’s early paintings depicted native birds and animals however by the mid 1980’s the landscape was his predominant interest and passion.
David’s first public exhibition of his work was at the Oatley West Art Show in March 1985 and his first “real” sale was achieved in March 1988.
Many years of practice has enabled David to develop his own distinctive style which has won him, since 2006, more than one hundred 1st prizes and as many commendations from exhibitions across the state.
David is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales, and a member of the Oatley 101 Society of Artists, Orange Art Society, and the Australian Society of Miniature Art. His work has appeared on numerous occasions in Australian Artist Magazine.
David resides in Newbridge NSW and has become a predominant and well respected local artist within the Central West. #platformartshubblayney#artexhibition#centralwestartist#blayneynsw#blayneyrailwaystation#atthestation

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